Veteran Owned US is a division of Mentors for Military, LLC, a veteran-owned company, and was founded in 2020 to bring awareness and support to veteran-owned businesses and their spouses businesses.


  • Supporting Veteran-Owned Businesses from the United States.
  • Providing members of the public with a user-friendly directory to help them locate Veteran-Owned Businesses and businesses owned by spouses of U.S. military veterans.
  • Encourage the growth of networking within the Veteran-Owned Business Community to improve business and develop contacts.



The Veteran Owned US Directory is a division of Mentors for Military company whose reach is as follows:

Annual Podcast Downloads: 500,000+ and growing
Demographics of social media:
Age is 18-45 and about 70% male
Total Social Media Followers: 78,000+
Total Social Media Monthly Impressions: up to 1.65 Million

The Veteran Owned US Directory is advertised weekly on the podcast and shared across all owned social media platforms to our growing audience.

By listing your company, your organization receives a lot of exposure beyond those who find our website via random search engines.