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Rule One Adventure Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that provides outdoor adventure experiences for Veterans and First Responders who need assistance with mental health recovery. Rule One provides small group, 3-4 day excursions, with hiking, camping, and anything/everything outdoors, tailored to individuals that they are accommodating.

Rule One’s Mission: To help heal struggling veterans and first responders, and combat the suicide crisis through exposure to the therapeutic nature of the outdoors.

Endstate: To reduce and end suicide amongst Veterans and First Responders.

Why ‘Rule One’?

Rule 1Always look cool

Rule 2Always know where you are

Rule 3: If you get lost, go back to Rule 1.

This is something you learn early as a military leader. It’s meant tongue-in-cheek, but there is some truth in it. Looking cool means being relaxed while remaining vigilant. It gives leaders and subordinates confidence and peace of mind.

It also means presenting oneself professionally – both in dress and demeanor – and literally not looking like a bag of ass in either category. Staying calm regardless of the circumstances is not optional, it is a requirement. Remaining calm, and in control of emotions and thought processes, will make or break you. Let the situation develop. The plan may be solid, but once the execution begins, things change, variables enter the equation, and the ability to assess, adapt and overcome is invaluable.

Being uptight and constantly focused on intricate details or minutiae, you lose focus on the mission, the endstate – the whole reason you are doing whatever it is you are doing. If you can calmly remember your task and purpose, you can successfully complete your mission. Look cool, calm and collected.

Why outdoor therapy?

We want to assist Veterans and First Responders in developing new hobbies that challenge and lead them out of their comfort zone. Nature and the outdoors have so much to offer. We want to be a vehicle to introduce our brothers and sisters to the many outdoor activities that could be right in their own backyard. Our adventures are badass, but this is a chance to show our adventurers that this is something that doesn’t require specialized training, technical equipment or a pile of money. It just requires motivation, motivation to get into the outdoors and out of their own heads

We have personally benefited from, and experienced,  the therapeutic effects of the outdoors. As military veterans and law enforcement officers, our time off and getting away to breathe fresh air has given us an even greater respect for nature and allowed us to clear our own minds.

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January, 2021



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August 26,2019

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