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AJ Powell

PSC 704 BOX 2231

Joined In Apr 2020

About Me

AJ is a Christian, a retired United States Army NonCommissioned Officer who served in both the U.S. Navy and U.S. Army, and he is a world-traveled American combat veteran. His professional military experience spans the full-spectrum of aviation operations, to include general, tactical, combat, SAR/CSAR/PR and MEDEVAC, VIP/DV operations, teaching, training and instruction, and special operations and special missions aviation operations. AJ is a fully qualified aircraft mechanic and technician, flight engineer and pilot. He is a qualified military diver, certified NAUI Instructor, and advanced search & rescue technician. He is an industry certified compliance officer and technical inspector, and a qualified standardization instructor, evaluator, and trainer. During his professional career, AJ has been blessed with opportunities to work at the local, joint, and multinational levels of operations, working closely with U.S. and allied forces in conducting operations, training, development, and relations-building. AJ is an author, published researcher, guest lecturer, and public speaker. He is a social and political advocate for the veteran’s community as a whole, and enjoys opportunities to teach, coach, mentor, and guide others towards self-betterment and success. He is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University, and is published academically in the fields of sociology and leadership. On his off time, AJ loves shooting, long-distance rucking, flying, scuba diving, rock wall climbing, motorcycle riding, running, weight and resistance training, swimming, snowboarding, practicing Aikido, photography, adventure seeking, and traveling around the world to meet new people and experience new things. AJ believes “investing in experiences” and “investing in relationships” are keys to investing in your future. He is always seeking out new knowledge and new opportunities, and believes education and self-betterment are life-long endeavors.

PSC 704 BOX 2231



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